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Technology Meets Trading

​Your auto cryptocurrency portfolio tracker & trading bot

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BitUniverse Link Partners

130+ Projects have joined BitUniverse Link, which is a new media service

Realtime coin tickers

Support 6000+ coins and tokens

Exchanges market

Support 240+ exchanges

3-Layer security protection

AES encryption, code security review & AWS Private VPC


Auto Portfolio Tracker

BitUniverse is one of the first portfolio apps which supports auto tracking your balance and profit from exchanges or wallets. It also supports switching to be fiat currency, BTC and ETH based data. Now we have supported more than 100 exchanges and Bitcoin/Ethereum wallet auto tracking.

Exchange Trading Terminal and Trading Bot

Learn trading skills from our Co-founder Jeremy Peng:   https://twitter.com/Jeremy_pengzy

Are you tired of switching among Binance, Huobi, OKEx and other exchanges? Just use BitUniverse! Now BitUniverse has supported more than 22 exchanges for trading your coins. The newly published Grid Trading Bot feature can let you make more profits in the swinging market. The average annualized return of our users using Grid Trading is over 100%! Join our telegram group to learn more: https:/t.me/butrader


Project BitUniverse Link

BitUniverse Link is our new media service, which empower the projects to link our 1 million user directly.

After you have joined BitUniverse Link, we will auto grab your news from your twitter and medium. You can also push a news to your following users, and they will receive a notification instantly after you have pushed. Your fans won’t miss any big news again!

Realtime Bitcoin and altcoin ticker

Support 240 exchanges and 6000 coins realtime tickers. Powerful candlestick charts with 22 indicators, including MACD, BOOL, RSI, ARBR, CR, EMV, etc.




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Your Auto Cryptocurrency Portfolio Manager & Trading Terminal

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