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Auto record portfolio & profit / Track realtime price of cryptocurrencies

Track the price of all kinds of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoins, Ethereum, and other altcoins. You can also record your crypto portfolios in the exchanges automatically with the API Keys.

Exchanges supported:

Bitfiniex, HitBTC, Coinbase(GDAX), Binance, Kraken, BitStamp, Liqui, bitFlyer, Huobi.pro, COSS. etc

iOS version's coming soon

Main features



Ryan Smith

“This app has a bright future and is the future of crypto portfolio”

Zabi's World

Man this app will save you lots of time as a trader while still in development!! Dev is also very responsive and helpful on telegram! What else does one need?!


This is very well done. Great interface, accurate and fast. Good work and I would recommend it

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